Social Networking

We have been continuing to experiment with social networking and are beginning to see some success. The best success for a business of course is getting new work. But, its more than that. Its building awareness of your capabilities. That can be valuable in terms of finding employees, clients, partners, networks, and even competitors. We are now involved in several groups on Linked In that have allowed us to learn more about what is happening in our industry. And yes via Facebook I have personally connected with many old classmates, colleagues, etc. which has all been a great experience that was almost effortless to do.

Social Networking for business is real and its something every business needs to be considering their strategy. For large corporations, social networks can be valuable with in the organization. And yes, we believe twitter can play a roll in it. If anything with in a company its a way to stay connected in a more real time fashion – especially for manager, executives, communications personnel, etc.

A small roadmap:

– Blogging – regular communication to staff, clients, prospects, interested parties

– Twitter – real time updates, quick communication amongst loose groups, connecting with new people

– Linked In – Building connections and networks with easy ways to connect

– FaceBook/MySpace – Great for personal networking


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