Great Design

One of the things that often gets overlooked when building web apps is design.  And there is often confusion about design and what that means.  In fact application design enters into the realm of “Usability”.  E.g. what type of interfaces will make the applications as easy to understand and pleasing to the user as possible.  Great usability design will have an impact on support, adoption, productivity, etc.  When you think great design and usability you usually think Apple – just ask Bill Gates (remember that whole saga with Windows…).  If your assembling a team or selecting a company for complex application development, make sure design and usability doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.


2 Responses to Great Design

  1. jagdish says:

    Nice blog. Design is one of the important aspect of the development and often looked after at end of the development

  2. acisneros says:

    Well, I have to agree; I think that web apps usability is somekind of an elusive concept. I think developers have a “I will build an app that does a,b,c,d,e…x,y,z” mindset, instead of a “usable and friendly” approach.
    Steve Ballmer said something that I found interesting: “how do we define usability for our products? the user should feel no difference when using a computer software or pencil, paper and a physical desktop”

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