Content Management Systems

CMS systems are a critical component of any web strategy.  Not only do most allow for “content management” but many also provide extended features such as document management, workflow, security, versioning and more.  Whether you are focused on building a web site, extranet, intranet, etc. considering your CMS is an important part of the equation.  Here are some things to consider:

  • Technology platform –  .net, php, java, etc.
  • Cost – there are wide range of prices
  • Viability – given the large number of players in the marketplace, is the company competitive and viable
  • Third Party Support – Is there a market place of training, add-ons, developers, etc. available
  • Features – work flow, document management, ease of use, scalability, and security
  • Required Skills – What internal skills will be needed to use the system

Some systems to consider are:

  • DotNetNuke – open source .net based framework
  • Joomla – open source PHP based framework
  • Ektron – .net based CMS
  • SiteCore – .net based CMS
  • Drupal – PHP open source platform
  • Sitefinity – .net platform
  • Vignette – Java based platform

A good link for reviewing even more options – check out the Wikipedia entry –

There are a lot of excellent systems available.  If you are looking for a feature rich system, don’t be turned off by open source – many of these systems are widely supported and continue to grow in feature richness.  Open source pricing (e.g. free) can free up more budget for implementation and customization.


4 Responses to Content Management Systems

  1. Sergey Velichko says:


    Great post! There are few comments (just about .net CMS):

    1) Ektron is really expensive. 5 000$ for 5 users license!? What do you think? Windows 2003 R2 Datacenter Edition costs less.

    2) Sitecore does not work in IE (for me), but very good for FF and Chrome. Looks good, but can’t find where to download (if its free) or where to pay (and how much?).

    3) Sitefinity looks ok. Free version and paid with normal price (not crazy). But looks like client fully depends from the team on the updates. Can’t develop independent modules.

    Why DotNetNuke at the 1st place in your list? Its good (and i work with it and develop for it everyday 🙂 LOL). But why its first? Community of DotNetNuke is good and there are a lot of good people like you, Sebastian Leupold, Salar, etc. But DotNetNuke’s support is “full shit”. Good CMS and bad support. We have a choice 😉


  2. noeljerke says:

    Well these aren’t rankings – just ideas – LOL. Actually I prefer Sitecore over Ektron. It seems more “level headed”

  3. Sergey Velichko says:

    Ideas, but good to think! Have to check Sitecore more detailed. Thanks for ideas!

  4. Jackson says:

    Anyone using Umbraco (

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