Twitter Part 2

Twitter Part 2

Well I am catching up on the world of Twitter.  Just found out about TweepMe.  Seems like the race is on to get followers.  What I can’t figure out is how once you get so many followers and follow so many people you don’t just get overwhelmed and don’t read anything.  Seems like they will eventually have to figure out a way to monetize priority of message viewing or something.  It will be interesting to see what they do next.  They definitely have their 15 minutes of fame now – I wonder if it will continue past 15 minutes or eventually lose its luster and people decide to stop spending time on it.

Another thought on it – in someways twitter is allowing us to have a virtual dialogue about how we want to communicate.  Everyone is discussing it.  Its not like text where it was a pretty simple model – pay to quickly chat with someone.  Or like IM where you could real-time chat (btw I live on MSN) with a group of people.  This is wide open, free,  and loosely flowing medium is interesting and sparking a lot of public debate.  Just ask CNN and Ashton :>)

Last thought – what is interesting is with being able to text message tweets and being able to protect your account – I can see some great uses for this – a way to log all that texting and conversation – especially for world wide team, teams on the go, loosely connecting working groups and more.  Might try it for our group and see how useful it is.

Ok one more thought – the more I think about it – the key will be for Twitter to harness the uniqueness of this technology and medium to improve either a) group productivity or b) letting all those fun loving teens and 20 somethings chat and tweep and act fun and cute and cool or what ever :>)

For what it’s worth – check me out at

P.S.  One thing I have noticed is that I tend to only note messages “above the fold” – e.g. I don’t scroll down.  Interesting… maybe somehow I pay for message display priority?


7 Responses to Twitter Part 2

  1. Shameless Web says:

    Yeah – it all seems like buzz and hype – I gotta think though there will be some long term uses for twitter beyond a live text tool

  2. Sridhar Muhamed says:

    This twitter is interesting. Good posts thanks for sharing.

  3. Sergey Velichko says:

    Great post! How much time per day it takes for you for Twitter?

  4. Noel Jerke says:

    Good question – I kind of twitter as I go so to speak. I bet its 30 minutes but I would like to think they tend to be “filler” minutes and don’t impact my productivity.

  5. Sergey Velichko says:

    Good you can to manage your time good!
    Someone lost a lot of time with it 😉

  6. Jackson says:

    I find it hard to follow whats going on with all the twittering. Still not sure of the value.

  7. Cynthia Ramirez says:

    yes, some people spend lot of their time on twitter… i don’t find twitter useful…

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